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Want to catch a ride on vacation or a trip to a studio you've never tried before?

Congratulations, you just earned your indoor cycling diehard card ;) It’s an unofficial official fan club; we got you.

While we haven’t ever been to every indoor cycling studio, we know a thing or two about trying to catch a ride while you’re out of town. So here are our top five tips for seeing a ride while you’re in another locale this summer.

Hit up trusty Google. You’ll want to Google phrases like “indoor cycling in (insert destination)” to get started. Typically larger cities will have more than one option so you’ll have an opportunity to do some research for the right vibe (more on that in a bit) or the one closest to where you’ll be. You can also ask our instructor team if they have studio recommendations for where you’ll be heading. If we are familiar with your area, we may have some contacts or insider tips at a particular studio.

Get your creep on. It’s okay; we won't tell, lol. If you find a studio (or a few) in the area you’ll be in, head to the studio’s website, Instagram, or Facebook to catch the “vibe” of the place. Look for studio pictures, instructor bios, and pictures of the type of bikes at the studio.

When in doubt, reach out! If you have any questions, always contact that studio on socials or the website’s contact page. Studios are super helpful with addressing concerns and questions for potential riders.

BONUS - Similar to FireCycle Abilene, many studios have first-ride promotions available. While it may not be a FREE ride, you may be eligible for a discounted price for your first ride. Don’t hesitate to take them up on that!

3 - What to bring. If you have your shoes, pack them! Most boutique indoor cycling studios have the dual pedal system that we have at FC (SPD/Delta). However, we have noticed that SPDs are the more widely accepted cleats compared to Deltas - this is something that you can reach out to the studio if you are still determining if your shoes will work in their pedal systems. Particular studios may also have shoes available to rent for a small fee or a cage pedal option with regular tennis shoes. If you are used to clipping in, we suggest you upgrade or take your shoes if you own your pair!

Feel free to wear what you’d wear to a ride at FireCycle Abilene - anything comfortable that you can move in. Plus, don’t forget the water! If you wear your favorite FC merch and tag us in a post/story, you’ll be entered into the weekly #WheresFCAbilene drawings in July.

Last, have an open mind. When traveling and “just need a ride,” be open and willing to try a different studio. You may enjoy moves or music you may not have expected - arrive open-minded.

What to expect. While we can’t pinpoint every ride experience you’ll have at your destination, we can say that you’ll likely either be at a rhythm- or metric-based studio. What’s the difference?

We’re so glad you asked. Rhythm-based riding is riding set to the beat of the music - it’s what we do at FC. On the other hand, metric riding does incorporate rhythm, but you’ll also see some technology packed into your ride experience. You’ll likely see a power meter on your bike and perhaps a screen or two in the studio at metric-based studios. During metric-based rides, the instructor will give you target zones for resistance and cadence (rhythm). If you’ve only ever ridden at FireCycle Abilene, it may be a lot to take in, so we recommend just focusing on your ride and soaking in the experience.

Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your ride time so that you can get familiar with the studio, staff, and locker rooms and help find your bike and get adjusted.

Introduce yourself! Feel free to introduce yourself to the studio staff and instructor - let them know you are a proud rider in our small but mighty studio in Abilene, Texas, and that you’re visiting the area. They may have some neat recommendations for restaurants or things to do in the area. This also helps break the ice and make a connection if you ever plan to visit that area again; it also enables you to get to know that particular studio and instructor - plus, you may even get a super cool in-class shout-out!

It is similar to walking into FireCycle for the first time, knowing it will be unfamiliar and maybe even a little scary. Before you know it, you’ll be clipped in, jamming out, and getting that riding-high feelin’, you may or may not need ;)

Overall, don’t be afraid to try new things and new studios when you travel because it is a great way to “shake things up” and work in some movement while you’re away from home and out of routine. As instructors, we have made some incredible friendships while riding at studios while out of town and love the change of pace that comes with being a rider again.

Let us know if you catch a ride at another studio while traveling this summer! We would love to hear all about it.

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